THRIVE-Ing: A Thrive Haul Review

Happy Friday!

Today is an exciting day. I’m delivering on a promise I made on my instagram, and this one has been highly anticipated and requested! Here it is, at last… The Thrive Box Review! I know these reviews are always more fun and juicy if a brand is getting trashed, or if the negative reviews at least break even with the positive ones, so if that’s what you’re looking for, prepare to be disappointed. However, a lot of these items had to undergo my magic touch to get the final review I gave them, and I’ve included the “straight out the box” ratings as well, which aren’t so flattering on a few items. Some of these items are available in commercial grocery stores, but not all, and a Thrive membership is $60 a year, which I've found is a steal! The order I’ve gone in is the order in which I tried everything, but I’ve done enough talking, let’s get to it!

Lesser Evil Mini Cookies- Keto Certified-Fudge Brownie


These have soft, crumbly texture, a pure chocolate flavor, and not too sweet, which I love. They have a very cookie/brownie aftertaste, unlike some baked goods with keto sweeteners, and their soft crumbly feel suggests that if you blended them with coconut oil/butter, it would make a great pie crust. The best part of these is that you can eat them slowly. They don’t seem to have many scary preservatives, but I tried them at the time of receiving and a few days later, and they tasted the same! I would buy them again!

Highkey Mini Cookies Double Chocolate Brownie


These are more similar to Chips Ahoy- bite sized, buttery but a little crunchy, and would also make a good pie crust. These are a bit more sweet, and are fantastic as is. The nostalgia factor of the similarity to Chips Ahoy is what pushed this over the edge for me. So often, diets fall through because of longing for childhood favorites. This did it for me, without breaking my plan!

Lily’s Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel style Bar


I… wanted to love this. I give this review with hope in my heart that the other Lily’s bars I ordered will be much tastier, because the downfall of this sweet treat was most definitely the salted caramel flavor. The chocolate flavor did come through really nicely, and I ordered the plain bar to try soon. I’ll keep you posted, as I really hope to like them. Each bar is 2.5 servings, and in one serving there’s only 2 net carbs, so it would be a shame if they weren’t delicious. Time will tell!

Thrive Brand Keto Chocolate Chips


These only got marked down a point because I ate them straight, and I have never loved eating semi-sweet chips plain all that much to begin with. However, I can confidently say that these have a rich chocolate flavor and when I melted them with a little bit of cream and some coconut milk, they made an amazing icing that I used when serving another delicious little item on this list… Wait and see!

On their own, they melt in the mouth like chocolate chips should! They are a little smaller than what I remember chocolate chips being, but the bag is so fully packed that cutting them open from the very top might have some spilling out, making them not only a great flavor and baking item, but a great value as well! I got two bags!

Arrowroot Powder


This is perfect. Everything in cooking that I use flour for- breading, thickening, etc.- is improved by arrowroot. I made a nacho cheese sauce with it. I made a chicken pot pie style, thick and creamy soup with it. I breaded chicken with it, and it was tender and crispy. This is a recommended item for me even if you’re not eating keto, because honestly it just tastes better.

Lakanto Sugar Cookie Mix


These get a lower rating because I was expecting sugar cookies, which…these really aren’t. However, they are really rich and buttery. They just can’t hold icing at all, which is a trademark of a sugar cookie, and they taste like oatmeal cookies without having any oats in them. I’m gonna make them again with shaved almonds and the chocolate chips, but as is, if you want a sugar cookie, This ain’t it. I use a low carb/gluten free flour, and allulose as substitutions in a standard sugar cookie recipe.

Coconut Wraps- 3 pack, original flavor


The pros of these wraps outweigh the cons for sure, but there’s a bit of both. The high rating on this comes down to my personal preferences. The pros are that these wraps hold a lot of ingredients without cracking. They are super yummy with melted cheese. The flavor is not as neutral as other, less carb conscious tortillas, but especially when paired with a little green onion and salsa included in your wrap/burrito/whatever, it’s neither overpowering nor unpleasant. I made like 3 taco bell dupes with these, and I will buy them again every time. The best part is that if you buy them but aren’t really sure what to do with them, there’s recipe suggestions on the back, and they are all delicious!

Coconut Wraps- 1 pack, Cinnamon


These were delicious, BUT I had already kind of assumed what they would taste like, and planned a couple recipes around that expectation! They… didn’t meet it. However, I made swerve vanilla icing and crisped these up in some cinnamon/allulose and made mock “churros” that were a dream! I don’t know if I’d get these again except for a specific occasion, but that may be because I don’t have as much day-to-day use for a cinnamon dessert as I do for a tortilla! They definitely have a unique taste and are not as versatile as the plain ones.

Keto Pasta Sauce and Banza Pasta


This sauce is everything, and combined with the pasta, it’s so so good! I added a little avo mayo and puree’d roasted red bell peppers to this because it’s my favorite way to make sauce. It was perfect! When I tried a bite of the sauce straight out the jar, I almost didn’t change it at all. The pasta is a little lower rated, just because I love the flavor of fresh pasta, but especially with a yummy sauce, it’s pretty close. The water definitely does get foamy, and the first time I made it, I didn’t rinse the pasta very thoroughly. The second time, I did, and I realized that the foam was causing the unpleasant flavor! However, if you’re super duper low carb, this pasta is not for you. However, it is very protein forward, it’s gluten free, and has an extremely low glycemic index.

Coconut Cream


Coconut cream is coconut cream. I love it. This one not only tasted great, but the price had the seal of approval from my mother, the thrifty healthy eating expert! She called it “The best deal she’d seen” on this product. I’ve shopped a couple other coconut creams before, and I’m inclined to agree. It comes in a set of two, and is so cost effective. Best use for this is in blackberry spinach smoothies, it creates the most amazing texture!

Lakanto Blueberry Muffin Mix

Straight Outta The Box: 6/10

Eliza’s Version: 10/10

When I made them my way, these satisfied that snack nostalgia I mentioned with the Highkey Cookies. I loved getting blueberry muffins at Safeway with my mom when we would grocery shop after school together. This is the kind of Keto recipe I live for, but the straight out the box rating of 6 was definitely well deserved. The “blueberries” in this are just not good, and as large muffins, they don’t cook through inside and burn on the outside. So I made mini muffins, added the juice of half a small lemon, and sifted the mix twice. Once in the muffin pan, I added three organic frozen blueberries to each muffin and discarded the little blue chips the mix came with. I also used butter instead of coconut oil, and it was a game changer. I would eat these every day, and will definitely buy again!

Keto Chocolate Cake:

Straight Out The Box: 5/10

Eliza’s Version: 9/10

Once again, I made these my way, and they were an improvement. I doubled the butter, and it was finally moist enough. But as directed, it was dry. Less of cake, closer to a collection of dense crumbs. As keto mixes go, this was, frankly, top notch! I topped it with the icing I made with the chocolate chips, which you can find on my pinterest account as always, and it was absolutely delicious!

Avocado Oil Mayo:


I have always felt that avo mayo tasted better than the canola oil version. Until I became a Thrive customer, I made my own, but this is absolutely worth the money! It’s delicious solo or as a mix, and it’s my favorite addition to a salad dressing for a creamy and tangy flavor! Mix with Hidden Valley Ranch keto and non gmo ranch seasoning for the perfect dip for your super bowl party! Mix with curry paste for a yummy topping for meat and fish! So delicious, and fully versatile!

Note: This can also be purchased at Safeway, look for the Primal Kitchen label!

Regeneratively Grown Coconut Oil


This is the best coconut oil, for a couple reasons. The texture is the best, it doesn’t break down easily when exposed to heat, it’s the best coconut oil to eat by itself, and I mix it with essential oils and rub it on my feet/ankles and hands/wrists for calming pain relief that isn’t processed or filled with toxic ingredients. I will buy this forever!

I hope this review was helpful and that if anyone has a different experience or a new Thrive item to review, that you’ll feel free to reach out, and that you’ll try some of my recommended recipes!

Happy Shopping!

Xoxo, Eliza