Valentine's Day In the Trees

Valentine's Day can be a minefield, there’s no doubt about it. I’m a long time believer in the idea that Valentine’s Day sucks even for people in a relationship. There are movies, shows, commercials, bridal boutiques, and jewelers that buy into the mythical “Perfect Valentine’s Day.” I think that when we build something up to be perfect, all we can actually achieve from that expectation is disappointment. The reason for this is simple; Valentine’s Day magic is created by people who love each other, and while that special someone might be perfect for us, no one is actually perfect.

For single people on Valentine’s Day, the reactions range from self-loathing, loneliness, sadness, and apathy. All of these are perfectly reasonable reactions, but you’re not reacting to the holiday and celebration of love. You’re reacting to the corporate message surrounding it. I’m all about breaking down and overcoming traumas like these; the ones that society causes by catering to an ideal that will make them money instead of people that in no way operate, think, feel, and believe in the same way. There’s a ton of those, and a lot of them that I’ve personally had to work through, but today we’re just gonna deal with this one, and some good ways to overcome it, through self-care.

Hard Work is Self-Care

I spent this valentine’s day getting work done in the early part of the day so my evening would be fun and free. This was challenging, but I approached it with the attitude of self- love, reminding myself that every piece of work I complete is a step closer to achieving my goals. Putting in the effort where it counts is the highest act of self-care.

Reflection and Manifesting is Self-Care

Then, I did some breathing and meditation. I then transitioned my focus into a Tarot reading, calling in the love I was looking for, not the love I thought I should have based on the expectations of the Valentine’s myth and other people’s expectations. I affirmed for myself that I am waiting until I am more settled in myself and my path because to meet anyone immediately before a big move would only set myself up for a very familiar kind of suffering. Letting go of that suffering is also self care, even if it aches for now.

Good Friends and Good Food are Self-Care

For dinner, I ordered in some appetizers (which are actually my favorite part of any menu) and shared them with my roommate, who is also my best friend, and we watched Marry Me. I’m historically not a rom-com fan, simply because there are so many of them and only a select few are truly good, but this one looked adorable, and I figured what’s wrong with having a little fun and enjoying something new? After that we ate some chocolate, and I went to sleep snuggled up next to my dog, who is the best little cuddler ever.

All of these things helped me to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that felt new and exciting. I allowed myself to spend an evening falling in love with everything I am accomplishing, and the way my life is now. Of course negativity creeps in so easily, but I tried to spend one day thinking about myself, and my life, in a positive light. It helped because I was able to see, on the day of love and relationships, that even though I’m not a part of a couple right now, I am very much in love. I love my life, I love how hard I work, and I love how ready I will be when that perfect person finds me.

To everyone out there, I hope you had a marvelous Valentine’s Day. Let me know how you celebrated, and remember; every single day of the year can be just as full of love and bliss as Valentine’s Day is supposed to be.